Services and Processes

The process:

  1. You can Contact us by phone, email or by using our contact form. If you have called, a member of our firm will oftentimes be able to help you there and then. Otherwise, we will get back to you immediately.
  1. A member of our firm will hear your issues and confirm whether a lawyer in our office can help you. A member of our firm will then inquire as to how you wish to employ our services and explain the process for retaining our firms services including the different cost options. It is important to note that we cannot give legal advice until you become a client.
  1. Once you confirm and agree to the terms of retaining our firms services, we will start work. This usually involves a review of your documents, filing out a checklist and an initial meeting with you to give you legal advice and practical guidance about the next steps. This initial meeting may be done by telephone, email, videoconference, zoom or in person. 
  1. As your case progresses, we will keep you informed and continue to seek instructions regarding your matter. Accounts will be provided with details of all charges regarding our services and applicable disbursements.